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Tim Motion is an old friend I hadn’t seen for years, we arranged to meet at his exhibition at the  Richard Young Gallery in Kensington. He showed me round his superb show with everyone from Ray Charles, Chet Baker Muddy Waters, Gil Evans et al. We loafed around for a while and then I thought I had better take a picture of the great man – he reminds me of a big friendly Irish Wolfhound – I’m sure he’ll laugh if he reads this!

Tim Motion: London, 2010

Tim Motion: London, 2010

Monty Alexander Trio – Wigan International Jazz Festival 2010

The Monty Alexander Trio always comes up with the goods – this manifestation of the group  with Hassan W. Shakour on bass and Obed Calvaire on drums were superb. Each player exuded warmth and joy in their  playing and wide smiles. The set had all the pace and rhythm you could wish for and included some of Monty’s arrangements of Bob Marley songs – ‘No Woman No Cry’ and ‘Redemption Song.’

I was lucky enought to see Bob on his first tour at the Hardrock Manchester  and his last when he was still able to lift an audience of 5,000 with his great spirit, music and love.

The trio succeeded in bringing that atmosphere of rejoicing in life breathing through each tune – and for a while Wigan hovered over Jamaica like a sweet smelling rain-filled cloud. The siver lining was provided by Montyy’s heart-felt rendition of ‘Sweet Lorraine’ – promising to return to Wigan to marry the lady – we are sure he will!

MTYALEX_WGN10_MG_5772©William Ellis

'I'll come back to Wigan - and marry sweet Lorraine'

‘I’ll come back to Wigan – and marry sweet Lorraine’

MTYALEX_WGN10_MG_5860©William Ellis

MTYALEX_WGN10_MG_5733©William Ellis