These were taken as I walked from the Floral Pavilion to the Royal Hotel for something to eat after the final rehearsal/sound check of the Django Suite concert just before the performance. New Brighton has that LA film noire feel at night. It was so unbelievably cold, I didn’t have my 24 TSE with me so these were done with 24-70/2.8, the tripod was in the boot of course (with my nice warm hat snuggled up to it). If there was a prize on offer for being consistently unnecessarily uncomfortable it would have name on it. These were taken hand held of course at ridiculous film speeds. Must go back with the right gear sometime, anyway, when I left the hotel it was warmer somehow and a heavy fog had fallen, big ships on the Mersey were sounding their horns in the murk (or perhaps it was Barnesy’s bari) which added to the ominous movie set feel.

wNew Brighton_MG_9980©William Ellis

New Brighton_MG_9973©William Ellis

New Brighton_MG_9990©William Ellis

New Brighton_MG_9993©William Ellis

New Brighton_MG_9997©William Ellis